In Definition of In by Merriam-Webster.
1: in: within: into: toward: on usually il before l il luviation, im before b, m, or p im mingle, ir before r ir radiance, and in before other sounds in filtrate. 2: en entry 1 im brute im peril in spirit.
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in Wiktionary.
Preposition and verb from Middle English in, from Old English in, from Proto-Germanic in whence German in, Dutch in, Danish and Norwegian i, from Proto-Indo-European hén, whence also Latin in, Irish i, Welsh yn, Ancient Greek en modern Greek en, Old Armenian i, Old Church Slavonic vn, Russian v, Old Prussian en, Lithuanian.
In Wikipedia.
Not to be confused with ln with first letter L, the notation of the natural logarithm. Look up IN, In, in, or in in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. IN, In or in may refer to.: 2 Businesses and organizations. 3 In science and technology.

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